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Welcome to Live.Love.Oils

Welcome to Live.Love.Oils!

As a sales consultant for a major essential oils company I was feeling guilty selling expensive oils to my customers knowing that the majority of the time they would rarely get used. Let's face it, there are so many essential oils and so many ways to combine them and use them, it is simply overwhelming! And I want you to USE YOUR OILS!


Founded in 2016, Live.Love.Oils provides natural solutions for health issues for you and your family. We have taken the guess work out of using your oils. Our essential oils blends are already blended and ready for you to use at an affordable price. ​


Here at Live.Love.Oils we use only the certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils to create our products. While essential oil blends are our specialty, we also offer many other products such as lotions, hand sanitizer, sprays, cleaning products and more.


We are continuously adding new products, so be sure to check back often! ​

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